“Good players follow good players and want to play where they play.”

–Stan Leonard

Marine Drive has been the home of many champions with our players having received much acclaim. As you step onto the first tee, whether it is for a Club Championship, the Marine Drive Amateur or a friendly foursome, you feel the rich history of the club, the founders, the legends, the builders and the winners - all of them champions. With one of the most decorated membership groups in Canada, Marine Drive is the club where players come, and, where passion comes, to play.

BC and Canadian Championships:

BC Jr. Ladies’ Champions x 12
BC Jr. Ladies’ Team x 15
Canadian Jr. Ladies’ Champions x 4
BC Jr. Boys’ Champions x 15
BC Jr. Boys' Team x 26
Canadian Jr. Boys' Champions x 10
BC Men’s Mid-Am Champions x 3
BC Sr. Ladies’ Champions x 2
BC Sr. Ladies’ Team x 16
BC Open Champions x 9
BC Ladies’ Champions x 18
BC Ladies’ Team x 25
BC Men’s Amateur Champions x 29
BC Willingdon Cup Team x 75
Canadian Men’s Amateur Champions x 8