This section is an on-going roster of the Club's luminaries. It makes references to some of the Champions that have emerged from Marine Drive Golf Club's heritage. The roster continues to grow as Marine Drive develops more Champions.

Marine Drive Golf Club has been pioneering Champions since 1922. However, the success of our Club was and still is a work in progress. Without some of the key people listed to the left, Marine Drive Golf Club would not have existed. These men and women helped to build the Club through their dedication to making Marine Drive Golf Club the "Club of Champions". Each of these men and women contributed through different means ranging from financial generosity to introducing progressive programs at Marine Drive. Without their efforts, our Club would not have flourished in the direction that it did. Their output to the Club continues to inspire others to push the boundaries of what makes a world class golf club.

George Norgan, Jack Ellis and Phil Gofton are essential to understanding the Club's historical past as they broke new grounds for Marine Drive when the Club was still in its beginning stages.

Please select a legend from the list to the left to learn more about their career and impact on Marine Drive Golf Club.

Blake Cook

Jack Ellis

Phil Gofton

Johnny Johnston

Stan Leonard

George Norgan

Marilyn Palmer

Barbara Renwick

Doug Roxburgh

Richard Zokol