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Location7425 Yew Street, Vancouver, BC V6P

Clubhouse Dress Code

Marine Drive Golf Club is a premier-ranked golf course and our dress code, conservative in nature, reflects the Club's stature and traditional style.


Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests conform to this dress code.

First Floor
The dress code for the first floor of the clubhouse (i.e. the Golf Shop and coming and going to the Locker rooms) will be left to be governed by individual sense of good taste.

Second Floor Restrictions
The following is intended to confirm those clothing items which are not permitted above the ground floor, all items not specifically mentioned are therefore not prohibited.

No torn, ripped or soiled clothing of any kind.

Shoes: Appropriate footwear must be worn. Beach footwear, flip flops or similar footwear that does not have a strap attached at either the heel or the ankle are not permitted.  Men may wear leather sandals, deck shoes or slip on loafers without socks; with all other footwear, socks are required.  Golf Shoes with spikes are not permitted on the 2nd floor of the Clubhouse.

Logos: Non-golf related logoed attire should not be prominently displayed (not larger than 2” x 3”). Non-golf related logos are not permitted on hats.

Denim: Denim is not permitted in the Dining Room but is allowed in all other areas of the Clubhouse. Denim must be in good repair. Acceptable denim does not include bib overalls, painter pants or those that are extremely low cut.

Shirts: Shirts, other than those with straight hems specifically tailored to be worn untucked, must be tucked in at all times. Tee shirts without a jacket, sweater or similar cover-up are not permitted.

Hats: Hats are not permitted on the second floor of the Clubhouse, except that a lady may wear a fashion style hat.

As always members are expected be first and foremost guided by their own sense of good taste. It is important to recognize that this dress code is separate and different that the Club’s dress code on the golf course, members are expected to comply with both and are also expected to ensure their guests are aware of and in compliance with club dress codes.  For convenience the dress codes are posted on the club website we would encourage members to suggest their guests review them prior to visiting Marine Drive.

Enforcement: The Club's Professional and Management Staff are instructed to administer these Dress Regulations and are empowered to refuse play and/or Clubhouse services to Members or Guests who do not comply. Club Policy requires employees to advise Members in the event that they have failed to comply with Club Rules. Once advised, Members are expected to comply immediately.