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Dress Regulations
Cell Phone & Laptop Policy

General Rules

Members who do not comply with the rules of the Club or whose conduct "is prejudicial to the reputation of the Club or to the good order and discipline of the Club" may be subject to disciplinary action by the Board. Members wishing to change Club rules are encouraged to address their concerns in writing to the Board.

A Member introducing a Guest is normally expected to accompany him or her at the Club or on the Course. In cases where this may not be possible, the Member must so advise the Chief Operating Officer and/or the Director of Golf in advance.

A Member introducing a Guest shall be responsible for any debt which the Guest may incur to the Club and for any damage done by the Guest to any property.

No Guest shall be entitled to introduce anyone to the Club's Golf Course facilities.

Members are responsible for informing their Guest(s) of the Club Rules and Regulations, particularly with respect to Dress Regulations, use of cellular telephones and Speed of Play on the Course.

The Club does permit approved unaccompanied guest use of the Club's dining and banquet facilities providing that the Member who is inviting the guest has registered them in advance and that the guest has been assigned an account number.There will be no charge for this privilege. However, there is a minimum food spending requirement of $25.00 per quarter ending the months of November, February, May and August. A 15% gratuity is added to all food and beverage purchases. The Unaccompanied Guest's charges must be charged to the Guest's individual account.A Member may invite more than one immediate adult relative to accept Unaccompanied Guest privileges.

The Club will not be responsible for the loss of Members' or Guests' property, including automobiles, or for any loss or damage sustained by them on the Club property.

Any article of Club property damaged by any Member or Guest shall be paid for by the Member, i.e., power carts, tee markers, lamp posts, etc. Any damage caused by any Member or Guest must be reported to either the Head Professional or to the Clubhouse Manager.

Members and Guests using Club equipment shall do so at their own risk.

Members and Guests are responsible for the flight of their golf balls and in the event of the ball hitting another person, automobiles in the parking lot or damaging Club property, the Member or Guest is responsible for any injury or damage so caused.

Members' and Guests' golf clubs and equipment or any other property whatsoever is not covered by Club insurance or by the Professional when on Club premises. Members and Guests are advised to make certain they have adequate insurance coverage with respect to their public liability and their property, especially for golf equipment stored at the Club.

The Bylaws of the Club may be obtained from the office by a Member during normal Office hours. A copy of the Bylaws is also posted on the Club's website.

The Club's Management Team is committed to developing a positive working environment in which employees are encouraged in their efforts to excel. Under no circumstances shall any employee of the Club be the subject of a personal reprimand by a Member. All suggestions and complaints regarding employees of the Club shall be made in writing to the Chief Operating Officer or Director of Golf and shall be signed by the Member.

No dogs (except seeing-eye dogs), or pets of any kind, shall be allowed on the Club property or in the Clubhouse under any circumstances.

In accordance with City Bylaws, there is no smoking in the Clubhouse or on the patios.

Areas for parking cars are plainly marked, as are the prohibited areas. Parking shall be permitted only in the authorized areas as marked and cars improperly parked shall be towed away at the Owner's expense. Parking on the Yew Street hill is not permitted at any time.

The environment at Marine Drive, both in the Clubhouse, as well as the grounds and golfcourse, is focused on encouraging social interaction and personal enjoyment of our members and their guests, free of disturbance of ringing wireless and cellular devices and cell phone conversations.

  • If a Wireless device or Cellular phone is carried on the property, it must be turned off, to silent mode or to vibrate mode at all times. 
  • Discreet, non-verbal communication e.g. text messaging, emails and scheduling is permissible on all areas of club property including the golf course and practice facilities except in the Club Dining Room.
  • Tablet style devices which make no sound are permitted for discreet personal use.  Laptops and other personal computer devices which do not have sound turned completely off and or have a mechanical keyboard are not permitted at any time on premise except in a private room.
  • The use of a Wireless device or Cellular phone for voice communication is restricted to one’s own automobile or the phone cubicle located on the second floor of the clubhouse, or the phone stations located in the adult locker rooms.
  • All guests should be reminded of the wireless and cellular device policy before they arrive at Marine Drive.  As with all matters involving guests, members are responsible for the actions of their guests.

The Board of Directors shall have the authority to reprimand, suspend, or expel any Member for sufficient cause, as prescribed in the Bylaws of the Club. Each Member shall comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Club. Failure to do so may cause the Member to have his/her membership status reviewed by the Board.