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Location7425 Yew Street, Vancouver, BC V6P

Golf Lessons

The Golf Shop supplies a vast range of golfing requisites.   Services and lessons are available from the professional staff as follows:

Individual Private Lesson Fee
Director of Golf   $100.00
Senior Instructor   $90.00
Associate Professional   $85.00
Assistant Professional    $75.00

Five Lesson Program Fee 
Senior Instructor  $400.00
Associate Professional  $375.00
Assistant Professional  $350.00

Ten Lesson Program Fee    
Senior Instructor   $750.00
Associate Professional   $700.00
Assistant Professional   $650.00

Group Lessons (Ladies & Men)
Please contact the Professional Staff if you are interested in learning in a group environment.

Junior/Junior Program $ 70.00   
This lesson series is for children 4-11 years of age who are relatives of Members. Please look for notices in the Marine Driver or contact The Golf Shop for further information.

The Golf Shop's lesson programs are designed to enhance the enjoyment that Members can get from playing golf by developing their skill levels and an appreciation of the game of golf.