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Pro Tips - Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat - Staying sharp to play your best.  Walking 18 holes in the summer heat can be more than just a walk in the park.  It can really take its toll on our mind and bodies, sapping our energy with every swing.  Staying properly hydrated and snacking regularly can boost our performance while we are on the course.  We expend tremendous amounts of energy walking and swinging the club, especially when it is hot outside.  Grabbing a hotdog or a chocolate bar at the turn might not be the best way to maximize our performance.  So here are some ways we can beat the heat to perform our best.  

Stay hydrated – This means drinking lots of water or a sport drink, prior to and during our round.  When we exert ourselves physically, we expend lots of energy, especially when it is hot outside.  Our mind and bodies need replenishing.  We can manage our body’s peak performance by maintaining our hydration and blood sugar levels.  

Snack Regularly - In order for our mind and muscles to work efficiently they need to have fuel.  Having a hotdog or one big meal at the turn can cause our blood sugar to spike.  This will give you a lift temporarily, but will leave you feeling flat shortly afterwards.  So a better approach is to snack in short intervals.  If we combine a fast sugar (dried fruit is a good example) every two to three holes will help keep our blood sugar levels consistent so we don’t have a power outage.  So if you find yourself fatigued mentally or physically it may be time for a new approach. 

Recommended snacking ideas:

  • Fruits (apples, bananas, oranges, dried fruit, etc.)
  • Granola bars
  • Nuts
  • Drinking some sort of sports drink to help replenish your electrolytes which is especially important in the heat
  • Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (my personal favorite)

So before hitting the links this summer, beat the heat and your opponents by preparing to play your best and maximize your potential.   

Clint Foley
CPGA Class A Professional
Marine Drive Golf Club
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