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Pro Tips - This Might Save You a Few Putts

The golf industry isn’t short of gimmicks that “promise” to make your game better; and some, believe it or not, actually work. For example, the hybrid club, a relatively new invention, is the amateur golfer’s best friend and is in the bag of a many professional golfers.  A fairly new gimmick that has been gaining traction is the oversize putter grip, and it has a growing list of PGA championships to back it up.

True to gimmick style, K.J. Choi (2007 – PGA Rank #5) says that he was sold on the idea from an infomercial.  He turned heads when he won the AT&T National in 2007 with the SuperStroke Fatso grip. Since then, many tour professionals and amateur golfers alike have switched to the oversize putter grip.

Oversize grips vary in size. They claim to relax your grip, prevent your wrists from breaking and offer a more comfortable grip. It may not be for everyone though; if you are already a great putter, the oversize grip may do nothing to your game.  However, if you are looking to save a few putts per round, it may be worth giving the oversize grip a try? We promise that you won’t be the only one on the course with a funny looking oversize grip.