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Pro Tips - Improve Your Control & Accuracy

Your golf swing is unique. With individual differences in height, weight, stance, swing path, etc... no two golf swings are the same. If your shafts are too stiff or your clubs are too long, you are limiting your potential. Golf is a game of consistency, control and accuracy, so clubs that are fit to your specific swing will help you hit better golf shots and shoot lower scores. 

High handicap golfers may think that they are not good enough to get custom-fit, but in fact this group is where club fitting will have the highest impact. Having a professional fitter look at your clubs will give you a breakdown of your swing mechanics and identify the best types of shafts, club heads, grips and more for you. While some of the top golf companies provide easy to use online club fitting programs, to get the best fit and advice it is best to get onto a range with a professional club fitter so they can see how you swing, make contact with the ball and analyze your ball flight.

The bottom line is that club fitting works. Whether you are a scratch golfer, a 10 handicap, or a beginner, it will help improve your consistency, control and accuracy. Especially for the new golfer, proper club fitting will help ensure they get a great start to the game so they may enjoy golf for years to come.