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Pro Tips - Add 5 Years to Your Life

With the golf season fast approaching, don’t hesitate to grab your clubs and indulge in a few pre-season games. More than just a fun round with your boss or buddies, it will also add to your personal health. Researchers in Sweden studied the impact that golf has on the body’s health and fitness suggesting golfers can live up to 5 years longer than their non-golfing counterparts... yet another excuse to golf!

The premise is simple, golf engages your body in long bouts of low-impact light cardio – a round of golf is essentially a 9km stroll. When taken up 2 to 3 times a week, it was found that golfers improve their aerobic fitness, reduced their weight and waist size, as well as had higher levels of protective HDL cholesterol in their blood; a great recipe for a happy heart. The study quotes, “depending on the size of the course, the terrain, and your pace, golfers can burn as many calories as a 45 minute intense workout, especially if carrying their own clubs or pulling a trolley.” Why would you ever subject yourself to a cramped indoor gym again?

They also found that golfers with the lowest handicap, by in large also had the best health. Practice doesn’t just make perfect, it also makes for healthier lifestyle.  Get your heart healthy in the best way you know how... fresh air, great friends while playing the game you love.


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