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Cell Phone & Laptop Policy

Cell Phone & Laptop Policy

The environment at Marine Drive, both in the clubhouse, as well as the grounds and golfcourse, is focused on encouraging social interaction and personal enjoyment of our members and their guests, free of disturbance of ringing wireless and cellular devices and cell phone conversations.

  • If a Wireless device or Cellular phone is carried on the property, it must be turned off, to silent mode or to vibrate mode at all times. 
  • Discreet, non-verbal communication e.g. text messaging, emails and scheduling is permissible on all areas of club property including the golf course and practice facilities except in the Club Dining Room.
  • Tablet style devices which make no sound are permitted for discreet personal use.  Laptops and other personal computer devices which do not have sound turned completely off and or have a mechanical keyboard are not permitted at any time on premise except in a private room.
  • The use of a Wireless device or Cellular phone for voice communication is restricted to one's own automobile or the phone cubicle located on the second floor of the clubhouse, or the phone stations located in the adult locker rooms.
  • All guests should be reminded of the wireless and cellular device policy before they arrive at Marine Drive.  As with all matters involving guests, members are responsible for the actions of their guests.