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Wall of Champions

Even as Marine Drive Golf Club was being formed in 1921, the emphasis was on the creation of a “golfers' club”. This momentum was advanced by R.C. (Bob) Sampson, who served as Vice-Captain and Vice President before becoming President in 1927, and the Member’s Publication, the Divot. Even at that time, the Divot contained references to “the development of champions in every Member category and every age group”.

Marine Drive’s competitions served to encourage the entire Membership to participate not only in the Club events, but also in the various and highly popular Inter-Club Golf Committee events in Vancouver.

Many good players began to join Marine Drive, with Dick Moore being one of those just after the 1928 BC Championships held at Marine, the Club’s first hosting of a major event. Dick Moore was certainly one of Marine’s best, and as Stan Leonard was later to confirm, “Good players follow good players and want to play where they play”.

By the time Stan Leonard became Head Pro at Marine Drive in 1940, the list of outstanding golfers was very impressive and included such names as Monty Hill, Jimmy Robertson and Jack Ellis. The spirit of competitive achievement was firmly entrenched and envied across Canada, and the Club of Champions Legend was born.