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Tom Schellenberg, COO
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Tom Schellenberg
Chief Operating Officer
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Tom is an energetic and vibrant young man who has a passion for people, the outdoors, and mental and physical health. His energy often pushes him to seek out the activities that yield the biggest obstacles and challenges. Some of these adventures have included backpacking through South-Eastern Africa, trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp, and climbing a live volcano. Tom is an extremely driven individual who does not stop in the pursuit of making his goals a reality. With a natural ability and passion for leadership, Tom loves to create positive change and influence those around him. 

Tom started off in the golf industry as a junior golfer at the age of 11, influenced by his father (Kim Roberts) as a reward for working the day in the field of their family farm in Beaverton, Tom and Kim would go for nine holes together. That turned into a regular routine that summer and lead Tom to playing competitive junior golf in the coming years as well as pursuing a career in the Club industry. Tom has worked in the Club industry now for over 10 years and is very happy that he has been able to combine his passion for people, love for the game of golf and competitive nature into a rewarding career. 

Professionally, Tom is extremely dedicated to constantly educating himself and improving his skills within Club Management. Prior to joining Marine Drive Golf Club, Tom worked at the Country Club of North Carolina and Muirfield Village Golf Club in the United States where gained the experience at world class private clubs. Most recently, Tom successfully filled the position of General Manager at Deer Ridge Golf Club. This new opportunity as the Chief Operating Officer at Marine Drive Golf Club is one that Tom is eager to take on with energy and passion. 

Tom can be reached at 604.267.2536 or by email here >>