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Marine Drive Pro Tips

Marine Drive Pro Tips

Stimpmeter Readings - August 16, 2018

Assistant Superintendent Jarrod Oliver explains how we use the USGA stimpmeter to determine our green speeds.  Watch the video here >>


What Are The 2 Most Significant Innovations In Golf? - July 19, 2017

Golf technology has changed a lot over the years. We surveyed our Professional Staff on what they think are the two most significant innovations in golf.  Watch their responses here >>


Get Your Clubs Fit, Hit The Ball Farther - July 12, 2017

Have you ever had your golf clubs fit by a professional? Having your clubs properly fit to your specific swing and body dynamics will help you hit the ball straighter and farther. Tim Tait & Todd Kuspira give a brief demonstration of our Flight Scope Launch Monitor.  Watch the Pro Tip here >>


Fades & Draws - June 28, 2017

Sam Newbrun, new to the Marine Drive Professional Staff for 2017, gives us some tips on how to hit draws and fades.  Take your game to the next level with Sam's Pro Tip here >>




Build Confidence With Your Putter  -  June 21, 2017

Shave strokes off your game by building confidence with your putter. Assistant Professional Calvin Burke shows us a drill we can use to build confidence and consistency with those testy 3 to 4 foot putts. And our new Short Game Area on the banks of the Fraser River is the perfect place to practice this drill.  Watch Calvin's Pro Tip here >>



Fairway Bunker  -  June 14, 2017

Nico Addessi, one of the newest members of the Marine Drive Professional Staff, provides some tips on how to hit a fairway bunker shot.  Watch Associate Professional Nico Addessi's Pro Tip Here >>



Putting Speed Control

Make more two-putts! Our new Short Game Practice Facility is great for working on your putting. The 11,000 sq.ft putting green is large and will help you practice longer putts and dial in your speed control. Watch Director of Golf Tim Tait's Pro Tip Here >>



Chip Shots - Club Selection

Are you always chipping with the same club? Depending on your lie, pin location and amount of green you have to work with, try practicing with a range of clubs around the green to help improve your short game. Watch Associate Professional Todd Kuspira's Pro Tip Here >>



Pace & Routine

What's your routine? Associate Professional Clint Foley gives some tips on speeding up play and explains the importance of dialing down your pre-shot routine. Watch Clint's Pro Tip Here >>




The Flop Shot

Get out of a sticky situation and go for the pin! Marine Drive's Assistant Pro Matt Sutherland gives some tips on how to do a flop shot at our new Short Game Practice Facility. Watch Matt's Pro Tip Here >>




3 Driving Fundamentals

Ball position, tee height and spine angle tilt are three fundamentals of a good drive... Watch The Pro Tip Here >>




New Short Game Facility
The facility of roughly 80,000 sq. feet was designed by our course architect, Jim Urbina, and shaped by Tony Russell, who did most of the shaping during our bunker restoration. The area was designed to offer a variety of shots to practice your pitching, chipping, bunker play and putting. A virtual play land to improve your short game! Watch Here >>



Repairing Ball Marks
We have a new style of divot repair tool available in the Marine Drive Golf Shop. These new tools are the latest innovation in ball mark repair. This video shows the correct technique (push in/forward, not upward) to fix a ball mark in order to maintain the quality of the green. It is important to fix the damage correctly as to not damage the root structure below the ball mark. Incorrect techniques may leave dead spots on the greens and will take much longer to heal. Remember, your shot isn't complete, until the damage is repaired!  Watch Here >>



Full Course Aerial Flyover
Upcoming round at Marine Drive? Take our full 18 hole Aerial Flyover Tour of the course to help you plan out your shots and be ready for what lies ahead... Watch Here >>




Beat the Heat
Playing 18 holes in the summer can really take a toll on your mind and body, sapping our energy with every swing. Staying properly hydrated and snacking regularly can boost our performance while we are on the course... Continue Reading >>




Help Speed Up Play
When waiting for a player in your group to take their shot, use this time to find your shot's yardage and club selection. This will help you get ready for when it's your turn to shoot and help speed up the pace of play... Watch The Pro Tip Here >>




This Might Save You a Few Putts
The golf industry isn't short of gimmicks that "promise" to make your game better; and some, believe it or not, actually work. A fairly new gimmick has been gaining traction and has a growing list of PGA championships to back it up... Continue Reading >>




Putting Fundamentals
Whether you use a traditional putting grip, crosshanded, or some other variation, there are certain fundamentals involved in creating a consistent putting stroke.
Watch Doug Andrews' Pro Tip Here >>



Cart Traffic Around the Greens
If you normally take a push cart or power cart when golfing, these tips will help speed up the pace of play as well as help maintain our course through the summer season. Watch the Pro Tip here >>




Hitting out of the Trees
Learning to hit out of the trees will help you get the ball back in play and minimize the number of strokes lost, if any! Greg Pool gives some tips on hitting out of the trees. Watch Greg's Pro Tip Here >>




Repairing Ball Marks
If your approach shot hits the green, keep an eye out for your ball mark so you can fix it with your free ball mark repair tool from the Golf Shop. Repairing your ball marks will help keep our greens in great condition...  Watch the Pro Tip Here >>



Improve Your Control and Accuracy
Your golf swing is unique. If your shafts are too stiff or your clubs are too long, you are limiting your potential. Golf is a game of consistency, control and accuracy, so clubs that are fit to your specific swing will help you hit better golf shots and shoot lower scores Keep Reading >>



Ball Trajectory
By changing the ball position in your stance and the angle of your club, you are able to hit different ball trajectories with the same club. Watch Todd Kuspira's Pro Tip Here >>




Posture is an important component of a good golf swing. We want our body to be in a strong athletic position so you can swing the golf club from any slope or terrain. Watch Here >>




Filling Divots
Filling divots is an important responsibility for golfers. Director of Golf Tim Tait shows how quick and easy it is to fill a divot. This will ultimately help keep our golf course in great condition... Watch the Pro Tip here >>




Fundamentals of the Golf Grip
A good grip will allow you to make a nice strong release of the club face through impact and through to your finish. Director of Golf Tim Tait explains the fundamentals of the grip here >>




Raking Bunkers
You've often seen when people have either forgotten to or tried to do a good rake job, but they haven't really excelled at it... Clint Foley gives some tips here >>




Add 5 Years to Your Life
Researchers in Sweden studied the impact that golf has on the body's health and fitness suggesting golfers can live up to 5 years longer than their non-golfing conterparts... yet another excuse to golf!  CONTINUE READING >>




Greenside Bunker
When hitting out of a greenside bunker, you want to make sure that you swing hard enough to get both the sand and the ball out of the bunker. If the sand doesn't get out of the bunker, chances are the ball won't either... WATCH HERE >>



Your Short Game Could Save You 5 Strokes
Focusing 70% or your golf practice time on your short game could save you 5 strokes....





Line of Sight
Kara explains the importance of knowing where you are standing in relation to the other players in your group. Your playing partners will appreciate you staying out of their line of sight when taking their shot. WATCH HERE >>




Bump and Run
A bump and run is great when you have a lot of green to work with and the green is fairly flat. We want to be on the first cut of grass and we're a little bit too far off the green that we can't putt... WATCH HERE >>